Allow your dog to feel

comfortable and secure in a 


Tail Rider

Dog Booster Seat

They'll love the window view !

Proudly hand-made in South Australia

Does your dog get anxious, car sick or distract you while you drive?

Tail Rider Dog Booster Seats are designed to secure your dog comfortably in the rear seat, reduce motion sickness and anxiety in the car and reduce distraction to the driver.

Each seat is unique and proudly

hand-made in South Australia.

Take your fur-baby on their next adventure in a

Tail Rider Dog Booster Seat!

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Available in 3 Sizes

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Paw Print.jpg
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Seats are designed to go in the back seat of your car

Feed the car seat-belt through the channel at the rear of the booster seat

and clip in as normal.

Connect the seat-belt attachment provided to either the lap, or shoulder part of the car seat-belt and clip to your dog's harness (never to their collar).


What are the seats made of?

Tail Rider Dog Booster Seats are made from high density foam and the seat interior is covered with water resistant fabric.

Perfect for muddy little paws! 🐾

Covers are easily cleaned with a quick wipe over, shake out, or vacuum and can also be completely removed with a zip at the base for gentle washing in cool water. 



Fabric Options

Choose from our wide range of water resistant fabrics for a custom order.

We can also source alternate fabric options if you have specific colour or pattern in mind.



"We have received our beautiful Boho Bliss booster seat and couldn’t be happier!

From start to finish one of the best buying experiences we have had in ages.


Michelle was amazing to communicate with and the quality of her product is above and beyond expectation!


I recommend the Tail Rider boosters to anyone who likes to take their fur babies in the car."


- Sarah -

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