What our clients say about Dog Booster Seats



I cannot recommend TRBS enough. The personalised service was above and beyond, equally matching an amazing product 💙

Leash E.


"I can vouch for Michelle's Tail Riders. It saved us with our sooky dog.
He's now happy to sit in the back and hasn't been car sick since we purchased our medium size one over 12 months ago.
He's even decided that it's his bed now 🙏👌👍🤗🥰🥰👏👏👏👏👏"

Raelene C.


"We have been really happy with the quality and design of our booster seat. Our dog used to whinge in the car and now he rides happily in style. Michelle was also fabulous to deal with.
Definitely a great purchase. Thanks!"



'We went on a 5 hour drive and she loved it. I got the large size because I wanted her to be super comfy and be able to sleep without being cramped.

She loved it and could see out the front from her bed. We took it out of the car and used it as a bed where we stayed.

Highly recommend!"



"Hi Michelle, Little Miss Ivy's 1st ride in her seat, looking very relaxed and comfy, has made having her in the car a pleasure.
Thanks again."